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Sussex Systems was an independent consulting company specializing in small business and not-for-profit applications. It has discontinued operations as a company, but the principal, David Batchelor, continues to undertake independent projects.

David has an extensive background in the information processing industry. His experience encompasses a wide range of activities including computer operations, programming, systems design, technical programming, security and management. He was a charter member of both the CISA and I.S.P. certification programs and an early member of the CISSP certification program. Throughout his career he has concentrated on liaison between the technical and business worlds. He continues to keep abreast of the technical detail while being able to present the technology in business terms to the organization. He is a life member of the Institute of Management Consultants and holds a CMC designation. He has provided support to many different organizations, particularly in the government, insurance, financial and not-for-profit sectors. David's consulting assignments have ranged from small programming tasks to major strategic planning reports. He has also managed a variety of information processing professionals, both as a staff member and on a contract basis. Security and strategic planning assignments include developing business continuity plans for a bank, writing policy and procedure documents and preparing long-range plans with cost estimates for several organizations. David's not-for-profit background includes contracts as a part-time Executive Director, management consultant, treasurer, and chair of many fund-raising event committees.






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